January 27, 2012

Vettai Tamil Movie Jan 2012

I saw this movie with half expectation. Not bad. Madhavan and Arya were portrayed in a controlled way. But have a nagging feeling that similar such stories were there in hundreds before.

At some point in time, felt I was watching a 10 year old movie. Sameera Reddy looks like Madhavan's aunty. Arya's role is more powerful than Madhavan's. In my opinion it may not have been a big hit.


  1. Dear Ravi,
    Thanks for sharing movie review. I am planning to watch it this weekend. Now i changed my mind. I will rather wait and watch on Vasantham central :) -Burla

  2. Thanks Burla for your comments. Funny thing is now King Shahruk Khan is remaking this movie in Hindi! God bless him, at least this time with a commercial hit :)