October 5, 2012

Business Plan For A TV Reality Show

Chacko was scouting for ideas to produce a TV show. He found one attractive idea to plan and execute.

Here is his business plan:

Reality Show:
TV Audiences are tired of over dramatic, over dressed, over emotive actors, appearing  in almost all TV serials, confusing audiences as to who is acting as what in which TV serial. So, reality show, it is.

Concept = Singing competition for Juniors:
Preferably in Tamil but must include participants from Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and from Canada, America, to enlarge the audience canvas! Singapore and Dubai? Nah, they are too tiny markets.

Period of Show:
One Year, yes one year. By that time TV serials would have made a vengeful comeback, in time to get next idea for a TV show, you see.

TV Channel:
Tamil TV channel preferably 'Srat Vijya TV', known for innovating ways to stretch programmes beyond limits and while it is breaking, known for placing a strong band-aid by calling it Season1, Season2 or Season(by that time audiences would have broken a number of TV sets in their homes)

Prize Money:
Real estate firms, desperately trying to sell their out of town, out of the way developments with exorbitant price tags.

Set 1: One Telugu, One Malayalam and one Tamil play back singer, whose market is currently down
Set 2: Carnatic Music singers who sang few songs in movies, who behave like 'super celebrities'
Set 3: Folk, country music singers, preferably husband wife pair (ensure that the wife is good looking)
Set 4: Unemployed or under employed playback singers, who are past their due date, prime, I mean
Set 5: Top ten participants of the previous senior competition, call them also 'celebrities'

Episodes Planning:
First Month:
Get applications, do auditions in few main cities, capture captive audiences for the episodes.
'Hatching stage', sponsor - NECC!

Next three months:
Elimination rounds as episodes.
'Kneading stage', sponsors - Atta (flour) makers, Aashirwad or Pilsbury etc.

Next six months:
Take top 30 contestants and make them sing, dance, act and emote in folk, classical, western, other languages to stretch number of episodes.
First three months 'feeding stage', sponsors - Double Eclairs, CandyMan  
Next three months 'elasticity breaking stage', sponsors - Johnson&Johnson and a cheap China brand

Next two months:
Now is already broken stage, due to over exposure audience are not keen to see the top 3 contestants. Change the strategy. Bring back the eliminated ten singers by doing another wild card round selections and introduce all genres as mentioned above.
'Pain-in-the neck stage', sponsors - Tiger Balm, Iodex, Amrutanjan

Final month (phew!): 
First three weeks, make the four finalists sing, emote, acts along with their parents to whip emotions across (states, countries as well!?!) ending in a finale with mobile phone voting open during the entire last week.
'Moolah making stage', sponsors - over rated and over publicised gold-loan companies

Special strategies:
- Ensure that camera captures participants parents, especially over active mothers and fathers
- Time spent on audience is equal to participants themselves
- Make parents dance however crass it may be and declare one or two parents as 'audience celebrity'
- Ensure that these audience celebrities preferably from America or Canada and make them a sponsor
- From audience, identify actors for aunty, uncle, mother, father roles for TV Serials, to act for free
- Provide stage for upcoming producers & actors in episodes for their new movies
- Collect money for providing free publicity for their new movies
- Convert good looking judges, females of course, as models to promote jewellery, fish, provisions etc., for shops in London, Singapore or South Africa

The list will go on and on....let me stop here before it gets stretched.

Have fun. Cheers...


  1. :D Cool comparisions :) Had a good time reading this!

  2. good one...I think every body understands the game behind the same... I now a day stick to Nat Geo on TV :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, hope you know which programme I was referring to.

  4. Thanks. Hope the audiences stop watching such mind numbing stuff.

  5. That was thoughtful :) :) ha ha ha ha i was laughing all the way , each and every line is a HAMMER-HIT :) :) humans have become the victims of the so called REALITY SHOW , these shows have typically prohibited the working of OUR FRONTAL LOBE , a sheer BRAIN WASH :)and still ppl like that !

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments...guess you know I am referring to Super Singer Junior 3 contest that finished recently on Star Vijay TV..

  6. Nice.. I got here from a utube comment trail ( - this makes a 100 times more sense than the 4 hr garbage (that, thankfully I did not watch).