September 22, 2012

iPhone 101

Two days prior to the release of the new iPhone5, while at lunch with colleagues, coincidentally in a 85th floor restaurant in Taipei 101, conversation went towards the next possible versions of iPhone (after iPhone5, that is) and the one which was most popular imagination was the iPhone 101. Not sure, how all this started but guess was it because Foxconn a Taiwanese company being the assembler of the iPhone?

Here are some pictures of the imaginative future versions of iPhone:

While googling for iPhone 101, also saw few more innovative possible future versions of iPhone. Here they are:

All pictures from google image search

And, thanks to Vineet Digga, who provided the link, of the future iPhone versions, the best of all!

Please click on the link below and discover iPhone Infinity!....just try it...its fun....


  1. I came across this troll on Facebook
    iPhone Infinity

    1. That was a good one Vineet. I scrolled for nearly 5 minutes and gave one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wonder if apple still survives by the time iphone 10 comes?

    If it doers, then they might do it is round shape...say a half eaten apple!

  3. Ha ha ha...your guess may come true numero!