February 17, 2012

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City - Travel Report

A quick travel report on Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the ultra-fast developing economies in Asia. Hanoi is capital of the country, with Ho Chi Minh as its commercial capital.

Less known to many, Vientam is also a factory of the world (on a slightly smaller scale), with a number of global brands manufactured in factories across Vietnam. To name a few - GAP, Adidas etc.,

Few years ago Vietnam was a struggling economy. Today, with a population of roughly 9.5 crore, Vietnam's  economy is over heated with bank deposits fetching as high as 14 per cent per annum and lending rates as high as 18-20 per cent per annum. For one USD the current exchange rate is VND (or Vietnamese Dong) 20,000. One Indian Rupee fetches nearly 423 Vietnamese Dongs.

With a gleaming Airport, within the city limits, tall sky scapers, Ho Chi Minh will soon become one of the world's modern cities.

Another interesting fact is that Ho Chi Minh city is a two-wheeler city. The ratio of two wheelers to four wheelers is certainly much more than any city in India. It appears as if almost every one has a two-wheeler. There are separate tracks for two wheelers on main roads in the city. 

Among the facts lesser know to us, Vietnam is the
- second largest exporter of Rice globally after Thailand
- one of the largest exporters of coffee after Brazil, Colombia and Germany
- world's leading exporter of Robusta coffee.

Hoping to see each one of our states, cities catch up with world class cities and make a mark in the world map.

Please leave your comments or experiences that you may have had in Vietnam. Thanks.

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