May 15, 2012

Las Vegas Pictures - Part2 (spicy stuff)

***Not sure if I have to categorise this post as mature content, which I feel it is not. However, if you are not happy with the pictures in the post below, please exit this post. Thank you.*** 

While in Las Vegas, my cousin took me to a night club - The Coyote Ugly Las Vegas. This club is a replica of its famous main The Coyote Ugly New York.

It was around 11pm, The Coyote Ugly Club was filling up with curious crowd. On my first view of the roof, I saw something different. Since the lighting was a bit dark, I saw a huge bunch of items hanging from the ceiling. After a close look I realised what it was and clicked the following pictures.

Yes, it is a 'Bra tree of fame'!

(Pictures taken with my iPhone4)

Apparently, "women are encouraged to leave their bras on the 'Bra tree of fame' and men are encouraged to leave something behind - usually neckties". More here -

I know guys reading this post are already reaching out to your Travel Agents for travel bookings to Las Vegas. All the best to you guys but please take an extra ticket for me too ;-) (for the priceless information given above)



  1. When I saw your last post I was wondering where these pics were. Thanks for sharing. Why neckties, though?

    1. You are clever man! But for sure there is no Part 3 :-D

      Frankly I have not seen any ties (even if there were I wouldn't have taken pics). Who the heck goes with a tie to a night club?

  2. Replies
    1. Mmm...point noted. But then, how do I share such unique information?? Take care. Cheers.

  3. no wonder they say 'what happens in vegas stays in vegas' :D

  4. haha.. you managed to grab some pics? it's banned right? did you get a dance as well