June 22, 2012

'Cloud Computing' Vishwa Bandhu Gupta's New Explanation

I received this video link yesterday, in which a former (or suspended?) Income Tax Commissioner by name Mr. Vishwa Bandhu Gupta is giving an explanation on 'Cloud Seeding' and the hazards of the same in an interview.

Well I am neither a Computer geek nor an InfoTech (IT) expert. But when I heard him explaining that rain can create aberration for the files being retrieved from 'cloud seeding', I almost fell down my chair.

Also, in the beginning of the video Mr. Gupta is giving gyan on phone numbers getting transmitted to the  battery in old mobile phones.

Watch the video embedded here and enjoy. There is no dearth of people who can talk about anything and everything in our country.


  1. It seems the voice has been dubbed or so. Nevertheless its hilarious indeed !!

  2. Quiet funny. Everyone has an opinion on everything. This is one thing great about India.

  3. Yes ...I had viewed this...Is it true that he talked liked that?