July 29, 2012

Adios Aamir(don't)go...

I hate to say goodbye to SatyamevJayate. Keep going Aamir.

Your sincere attempt SatyamevJayate has, in my view, definitely created ripples in our country.

Hatsoff Aamir, to you for bringing about awareness on a number of social issues that are plaguing India.

I wish you didn't stop with the 13th episode and sincerely wish you that you comeback soon with bunch of unattended social issues.

Of the episodes, I liked most the episode on Medical Ethics, generic drugs, the episode on Water, the episode on female foeticide.


  1. Was wondering why they have to stop it so soon!

  2. Beauty is in brevity.
    I am glad it end on a good note saluting some people worth mentioning.

    Sunita Krishnan is some one with whom I have had a brief interaction for one of my events, she deserved a little more than what she got i felt.
    Glad with the list of your choice.

    I connected to the topic on physical disability. Perhaps because of my frequent interaction with people working in that field.

  3. He has brought out these issues in the open-now let us see how many reforms materialize.

  4. one of the episode i saw a lady professor of delhi university who spoke about the caste difference people worship even among the well educated beings... she got the views to cry... the program was simply an eye opener on many a thing... hope he will come back

  5. Behind the glory of India, he discovered some bitter truths which no one ever dared to he was stopped !!