September 22, 2012

Taipei (Taiwan) - Pictorial Tour

Some of the pictures that I took during my recent visit to Taipei are in this post. Before that, 

few key informations:
  • Taiwan economy is booming thanks to China market
  • Taiwan tourism is booming thanks to tourists from China (Few years ago, there were no flights between China cities and Taiwan cities!). 
  • Visa issuance process is pretty fast. For an Indian passport holder, getting a visa to Taipei is quite quick. 
  • Foxconn, the company that assembles iPhone is a Taiwanese company. Ironically, they have their factories in Shenzhen, China
  • For one US Dollar, you get approximately, 30 Taiwanese Dollar or TWD, which is roughly for one TWD you need to pay approximately 1.80 rupees
  • Without basic knowledge of Chinese language, it is not that easy to move around in Taipei
  • Generally things are a bit expensive compared to Hong Kong or Shenzhen

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to go to the hot springs, which Taiwan is know for. However, I took pictures of some important places.

Shilin night market is one of the biggest night markets in Taipei. Taiwanese life style is economy inducing. Most of the citizens visit these night markets at least twice a week to eat food or to buy something, there by ensuring rotation of money.

 Shilin Market:

Inside Shilin Market (absolutely packed on a Tuesday at around 8.20pm!):

A special waffle delicacy. Found a long queue of people buying. After seeing the shape of the waffle, thought I take the picture and share the same here. The owner of the shop was too happy for me to take the picture.

Till recently, Taipei 101, was the tallest building in the world. A picture of Taipei 101 in the night.

 Taipei 101 in day time. As the weather was cloudy picture is a bit hazy:

 Taipei 101 from a closer angle:

City views from 71st floor of Taipei 101:

All the above pictures were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note, 8 megapixel camera

Lastly, I should mention about Taipei taxis. Similar to New York taxis, they are yellow in colour and driving on the left hand side. Here is a pic:

Image sourced from Google search


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    1. yep...kind of concrete jungle but very modern looking. Extremely good metro system which is tourist friendly.

  2. Wonderful.. especially the waffles.. ha ha ha.... ha ha.. ha..!!!