November 21, 2012

Daanam दान దానం தானம் re-defined...

I would like to redefine the word Daanam दान దానం தானம் more as 'sharing' than as 'donation'.

Agree, all of us get disgusted, upset, agitated or angry in varying degrees when we see a US$ 2 billion (Approximately Rupees 11,000 Crores) building obscenely standing adjacent to thousands of people  living (mostly on footpath) on a US$ 2 (approximately Rupees 110) or under.

During my recent visit to Hyderabad, around 10 pm in my old huge apartment complex where my parents stay, I was waiting near the security post, for the car to brought by my nephew. It was slightly drizzling. I stepped inside a semi-permanent construction with a fiber-glass roof, with the lone security guard sitting on a chair. Lighting was not too great for him to have an opportunity to figure out about me or my stature (actually, there is no need to, since we are all humans) or whether I am resident or not of the apartment complex. There was only one chair. He suddenly got up and moved the chair near me for me to sit. It was an unexpected humane gesture.

Here is a simple man trying to share his comfort with another human sacrificing his own, without any expectations. I sat in the chair but was feeling guilty as my 'sharer' was standing.

Our car came quickly and while leaving I handed him a 50 rupee note impulsively and saw a brilliant expression on his face.

In the above incident the security guard shared his comfort and I shared with him some money. Both unexpected. I did not donate or give him alms nor was he begging for money.

It is impossible to make ours a class less society. However, I am moving with a strong conviction that it is possible for us to share our happiness whether in cash or kind directly for all those under privileged when they expect the least.