January 28, 2012

Eenadu ఈనాడు News Paper

The best thing to happen in the current internet era is the disappearance of boundaries. Most of the time those who are away from India would like to know the happenings in our home land. While we can google for news by state or district or language, nothing like reading a newspaper. 

A number of newspaper owners publish their print newspapers as e-papers. Most of them are through paid subscription. However, there is 'Eenadu' ఈనాడు the most popular newspaper in Andhra Pradesh which publishes its epaper online for free. It is so convenient, we can click on the story, which pops up as a .pdf copy, size of the display can be adjusted. 

Here is the link:
Once you go to the URL, click on the button 'DIRECT ACCESS' to get sumptous, regular dose of what is happening in our Andhra Desam (మన ఆంధ్ర దేశం) 

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