January 28, 2012

Pleasant experience in a restaurant in New York

During my last visit to New York in Sept '11, on a Sunday, me and my son got up late and wanted to go straight for brunch. We started looking for India food on the 9th avenue and found an Indian restaurant (actually owned by a Nepali) named 'Aaheli'. It is on the 9th Avenue 826, NY 10019.

It was a buffet brunch. One of the items mentioned in the menu was replaced with another. When we were served the food, I pointed to the bearer/owner about that. Within 10 minutes he brought the item that was not being served and gave it to us and didn't charge for that. We felt very happy with the service given by a not-so-big restaurant and I promised to him that I will provide my positive feedback on his service. 

If the restaurant is still in operation, please patronise them when you are next in NY. 

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