February 25, 2012

Golf and Cricket

At the very outset I want to mention that Golf is an expensive sport.

I resisted for long to join the Golf brigade. I got an opportunity to join a beginner's course to try it out.

First question the Pro (or Coach) asked me was - how good are you at playing cricket. True, I played street cricket in childhood and told him the same honestly and I could see a sense of relief on his face, the reason for which I realised later.

We have heard of wristy players, helicopter shots, reverse sweeps, cover drives, hooks, play along with the swing or spin etcetera. Quite frankly, these are simply inapplicable if you want to play golf.

No one is lunging at you menacingly at whatever speed, with a hard red or white ball or teasing you with a doosra or teesra. There is only a harmless 46grams small ball (nearly a third of the size of a cricket ball) sitting on the grass waiting for you to hit or not. Yeah, in the first lesson, I was able to hit only one out of three balls.

The golf Irons, Wedges, Drivers or Putters are not as heavy as a cricket bat, bet it English or Indian or Pakistani willow.

All that you need is to know how to grip the golf clubs, your stance (I know you must be imagining the exaggerated bum movement by Mr.Bean), the swing and most importantly the accurate hit. Golf players how much ever high they are in the hierarchy of the game, every one does practice in golf ranges. Golf ranges are the stadiums where golf players are provided with individual bays to practice their shots by borrowing golf balls from a vending machine.

Golf is not a team game. Once you get your PC (proficiency certificate), you can go on to greens to do further practice on chipping and if you have got your handicaps, you can join a few to play a game on a golf course. Unknown to many, unless a player has a handicaps, they will not be allowed to play game with fellow golfers.

So, those who haven't had a big chance to play cricket can take heart. It will certainly be easy for them to adapt to playing golf. To be fair, I am not saying that reverse is not true. Kapil Dev did try to play golf and think he does still too.

Happy to hear readers comments and views on this post.


  1. This reminds me of PG Wodehouse. He has so many stories on golf! :)

    1. Hi Curiousfeline, Thanks for your comments. Kind of fell off my chair when heard that my post reminded you of PG Wodehouse. Really feel elated. Gives me motivation to keep improving my writing and thoughts. Thanks again. Regards, Ravi