March 9, 2012

Greg Chappell on Indian Culture

It is amusing to hear Gregory Stephen Chappell aka Greg Chappell on Indian Culture.

Link to the article: Greg Chappell attacks Indian Culture and Cricket team

What surprises me is, during the years 2005 to 2007, while he was being paid by India, the Indian money, belonging to Indians, by Indians of Indian culture, he didn't have an iota of negativity on the same culture, the hand that was feeding him.

Now at his 64th year (yeah he was born in the year 1948), he suddenly realises that he has misgivings about  Indian Culture. Frankly who cares? No wonder our Dada Saurav Ganguly treated this loose tongued chappie appropriately while he was Indian coach.

I thought Australians did sledging only on cricket field that too by jealous juveniles. Looks like they have moved to the next level with seniles like Greg Chappell lecturing the world on Indian Culture!

Greg blames(?) the 'poms' (first time I heard that Britishers were also know as this!), the current state of Indian Culture. Mr. Chappell, were you born when Britishers were ruling India? Were you in India when Britishers were ruling India?? Are you holding any authoritative qualification on Cultures???

So, if he thinks that Australia or Australians have a better culture, he better know that, the same has been borrowed from the poms but the Australians compete fiercely among themselves with such insane comments.

What exactly is your problem Greg? or who exactly is your problem against? Are you still nursing the wounds of a bruised ego that you are trying to take revenge by blabbering such idiotic comments?
suggestion... get over it, pal.

Frankly, now I have a feeling that chaps like Greg Chappell may be circulating stories about Indians and Indian culture in local press, which manifests in the angry ourbursts against our children who go to Australian universities to acquire knowledge (for a hefty sum of course). Suggest Australian government does muffle such stray gods (misspelt on purpose) like Greg Chappell from keeping foot in their mouths.

Yeah that's right, Mr. Chappell, if guys like you continue to do such antics, you need to be careful before you put another foot in our holy home land. True, in our Indian Culture, we adore cricket and cricketers, but don't have patience for lunatics, bull-shitters and sledgers like you.

I am aware there are a number articles, blogs that are tearing Greg apart. Please do your part, leave your sincere feedback on the comments made by this guy. Thanks.

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