February 10, 2012

Half of India still defecates in the open

When I read this story in TheEconomicTimes, the other day, my stomach cringed. During my Bombay days 20 years ago (I am politically correct in calling Bombay as it was known so 20 year ago), while travelling in local trains from Dahisar to Churchgate, we all used to ensure that we keep away from the open defacating sights.

I feel deeply sorry that these undignified actions are still prevalent and as the newspaper report says fifty per cent of our Indian population (sans a choice) defecates in the open.

On one hand we have a clutch of ministers both at the centre and in the states, who are looting the country with crores and crores of rupees or a bunch of ministers watching porn clips blatantly in assembly floors. On another hand we have these unscrupulous businessmen fudging books of accounts, blatantly divert money into a gambling ventures like IPL. Most atrocious is that in our country we have business magnates who build a USD 1+ billion houses just adjacent to the pavement where a poor man from a poor state is making a living in a tiny tent. Where is the country going? Why can't we ask questions? Why is Government no accountable for punishing such frauds?

When Anna Hazare raises the issue, why the so called elite in Mumbai shies away from supporting him in this noble cause?

Basically, we Indians are a 'Sab Chalta Hai' 'Main Akela Kya Kar Sakta Huun' lot.

It is high time we all Indians at least those who are staying overseas restore the dignity of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children by providing this simple requirement of a covered toilet.

Lets all do our bit. My suggestion, whenever we visit our villages or towns, lets take an oath to take along with us at least two such mobile toilet collapsible booths. Am sure we all can afford that. With our selfless acts, lets provoke the profits hungry commercial organisations to take this up in orchestrated manner. For the time being, lets leave the government to concentrate on churning out statistics like this to make the world laugh at us!

Next time I visit my place in India, I promise to provide these mobile collapsible toilet booths to at least two families. Those who are with me, please leave their pledges in the comments box. Much appreciated.

Or if there is a true NGO with sincere intent of raising the standards of Indians, lets us know and I will be the first one to donate for this much needed cause.


  1. Prakash's comments:
    Ravi, Brilliantly summarized !
    In karnataka (while some are busy watching porn clips, some seems to have supported/initiated some good work..) what I understood was government is building/funding a toilet for every home, especially in rural areas.
    As NGO I know the founder of the below one Mr Sunil Savara. Try They are doing an excellent job with some novel approach to eradicate poverty and restore dignity in India.
    For me, every year when I visit India , I do visit a local rural school, speak to children and try to share my experience in life. I have also setup two scholarships for children who excel in maths and science(Btw,my favorite subjects !), which generate few thousand rupees as an interest towards the scholarships.

    1. Dear Prakash, Thanks for your comments and for sharing information regarding the steps taken by NGOs to correct the situation. Regards, Ravi