February 10, 2012

Hindi Comedy Movie - Tere Bin Laden (2010)

Frankly I lost all hopes on a comedy movie in hindi after watching crap movies like - Rascals, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Naughty @ 40, Ready, Double Dhamaal (a triple pain!), Loot (yeah right, scoot from movie hall!),

I have a feeling that the Hindi movie makers (I don't like to use copied words like - Bollywood, you see!) either have forgotten the meaning of sense of humour or word comedy. Where are movies like Golmaal, Padosan, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Pushpak, Panchatantram (Tamil)? Where are directors like Hrishikesh Mukjerjee and Singitham SreenivasaRao? Current generation of movie makers are purely commercial. They dish out idiotic shit which are labelled comedies. Even after trying to be neutral watching such 'comedies' in the recent years, I must confess, have not been to smile even once, forget about a hearty laugh.

Recently, when some one casually mentioned about a comedy hindi (or Urdu? not sure...) movie Tere Bin Laden as humorous, I was my usual reticent self without giving much thought. Since my hope of finding a comedy didn't leave me so , I gave a search for this movie on Youtube. With extreme neutrality, I watched the first part of 7 minutes and was quite happy to see all the 14 parts. It is a light movie. A true comedy. Quite humorous. Many a time, I laughed out real loud. A must watch. No big actors. No big attitudes. No heavy dialogues. No heavy baggage. A must watch movie. I am embedding the first part of this movie. Enjoy as long as this movie video is available on Youtube.

Please leave your comments with any suggestions for watchable comedies. Thanks.

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