April 7, 2012

Jakarta Travel Report - Hands-free Toilet!

During my last week visit to Jakarta (Indonesia), I was staying at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. It is a refurbished modern hotel with excellent service levels.

Of all the hotels that I have stayed so far, in Kempinski Jakarta I found some thing new that I want to share with the readers of my blog.

The rooms come with a hands-free toilet. Here is the description.

Once the door to the toilet cubicle is opened, the commode senses the presence and opens its lid. (Gentlemen, don't get worried, there is a button to lift the seat also!). 

On the side wall there is a control panel, with buttons containing symbols to - 'flush', 'open the lid, the seat', 'flush' and 'to close the lid and the seat'.

On the control panel, there are buttons to 'stop', 'rear cleansing', 'real cleansing soft', 'front cleansing', 'pressure' and for 'position'. 

After the performance, once you exit the cubicle, the lid closes on its own. 

Innovative but expensive to maintain as well!


  1. Very interesting post indeed! Good public health initiative too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Priya for stopping by and for your comments. You have an interesting blog too...regards

  2. very for me...thanks for sharing.

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  3. thanks for sharing the very informative message.