April 7, 2012

Thailand - Travel Report

In this post, I will be splitting the subject into two parts -

  • Economic progress of Thailand and                                                                                                    
  • Arithmetics of VisaOnArrival.

First time I travelled to Bangkok was back in 1998. Those were the years Thailand was accelerating its growth engines. Patpong, ladyboys, sukhumvit, NanaPlaza, Pattaya, go-go-bars, massage were the words popular world over while describing Thailand travel experience.

Economic Progress:
Early to late nineties in Thailand, the ratio between business tourism and sex tourism were almost on par. But now the business and shopping tourism amounts to at least 80 per cent.

A number of Japanese majors like - Toyota, Honda have their car manufacturing plants, which exports to most of the Asian countries including India. Same is the case with Korean companies.

Progress of the country can be easily measured when you see the smiling polite Thais. A number of them can comfortably converse with you in English now, compared to earlier days. Countries growing wealth is evident all over the place.

Arithmetics of VisaOnArrival (VOA):
Probably Thailand was one of the first few countries to offer VOA facility to a number of major nations. For VOA they charge THB 1,000 (approx. USD 32).

From the latest statistics that I could see, 500,000 Indians travelled to Thailand way back in the year 2007. In a rough guesstimate, the foreign tourist inflow into Thailand, should be around 30,000,000 in a year.

Out of which even if they don't charge VOA fee for half the visitors, 15,000,000 visitors a year net the country a cool USD 480 million!

On top of this even if each of the tourists spends USD 100 during their stay, which is too low, there is any additional inflow of at least USD 3 Billion (30,000,000 X USD 100).

Sounds simple, right?

That's how these economies are doing a targeted growth.

Hello, any one listening???


  1. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for the comprehensive information about Thailand. I'd be coming here again and again.

    1. Hi Uppal, glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by. Regards.

  2. A very Insightful analysis! Thanks for sharing.

    PS: As regards your guest post invitation, thank you very much for the honor. I would have loved to contribute something but I am afraid, I wouldn't be able to take it up right now due to time constraints. I apologize but I will surely let you know if and when I am able to do something. Thanks. ~ Arti

    1. Thanks, Aarti for your comments.

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  3. Bangkok is an interesting place to go to. The Thai girls are warm and charming. I can't wait to go there!;)

    1. Hi Devils Den, I know what you mean. Yes, Bangkok is an interesting place. Those who go to Bangkok would want go back at the earliest opportunity. All the very best during your next visit and have fun ;-)