April 6, 2012

Marathon Run in Madanapalle - Part 2

I am happy to share some of the pictures provided by the organisers of 'Marathon in Madanapalle' on 25th March 2012.

Heartening to see that this event has been successful conducted by the organisers in relatively smaller town.

Perhaps this gives all of us some encouragement to conduct such marathon runs (full or half) in all our towns and cities?

Few observations on the photos that I see (I could be wrong since I was not physically present there):

- for a starter the participation looks encouraging
- mostly school students
- most of the students are running bare foot

The above observations are not on the negative side but to make us think over how these events, when conducted in future, can be improved. For sure, these kids could have been provided with sports shoes? If not very expensive, at least canvas shoes?

Anyway, looks like a good start, please think over and see if such events can be organised in our colonies, areas and towns. 

Thanks Venkat (of for providing the pictures.

Btw, link for the first part of this post is here - 


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    1. Thanks, Mate! for dropping by. Actually these 'cool' pictures are from a socially relevant event conducted recently in a town called Madanapalle in AndhraPradesh. Glad you liked them. Organisers of this event will be thrilled to hear your comments. Thanks.

  2. I have relatives in! the town is becoming hifi :)

    1. Thanks Ana for stopping by and for your comments. Good to know that your relatives are in Madanapalle.

      Actually, Madanapalle is quite famous due to Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurthy and his residential school in RishiValley.

      Btw, I was born in Madanapalle.