September 29, 2012

Sex And The City Country

Past few weeks, couple of stories are being played out in the media, both print and video, in complete public view. Stories delving deeper by the day.

One on vice raid on under-age sex, where more than 40 eminent to not-eminent residents of Singapore are undergoing trial. 

Here is the link: 

The second about ex-Chief of Narcotics Bureau who allegedly sought sex as bribe, with large size pictures of the accused and the defendant in full public glare in print and video channels.

Here is the link:

In a way, publication of these stories in the media, does warn future perpetrators of the perils. However, whether there is a need to go into tantalizing micro details, e.g., email messages, scene resurrection explanations etc, I am not too sure. Don't you think the media also has the responsibility of objective assessment before overly amplifying such stories in public domain?

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