September 27, 2012

Hairstyling Demo In Jakarta

Jakarta never stops amazing me. Every time I visit Jakarta, I discover something new, something practical, something memorable.

This time around, while going around a famous mall in North Jakarta, I found a simple looking man repeatedly doing a particular act with hair on a dummy's head. Out of curiosity I went near and realised that he was selling a kind of hairband with which ladies can do different kinds of hairstyles.

The entire demo with 3 or 4 hairstyles took less than 2 minutes. I asked for his permission to shoot the enclosed video. Enjoy.

Video (HD) taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 megapixel Camera

This was in JITC Shopping Complex in Mangga Dua. If and when you go to Jakarta, don't miss this shopping mall which is of 7 storeys full of goods. In the recent years, Jakarta has become popular shopping destination.

Btw, impressed with the person's artistry, I immediately bought one of those bands for my wife. Cost of the same was IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 70,000, which is around Rs. 440.


  1. Very impressive indeed!Btw have you seen it anywhere in Spore? :)

    1. Thanks. That I am not sure and may need to check with my wife...

  2. Hi, An interesting episode. Some time back I saw a some what similar band in an exhibition.

  3. Awesome video, i want that band. I will search here in Mumbai.