September 25, 2012

Tokyo Travel Report

Shared here are some pictures from my recent visit to Tokyo. Before that, few

key informations:
  • Japanese people are extremely polite, professional in their dealings and are perfectionists
  • Replica of Japan's excellent customer service levels can be sighted in Hong Kong
  • Getting a visa to Japan is pretty easy, especially after the recent Tsunami
  • Tokyo has two international airports - Narita and Haneda. Haneda airport is closer to the city
  • Things are generally very expensive
  • Contrary to the general imagination that everything will be small in Japan, the buildings, hotel rooms, restaurants, roads etc. are not that small or tiny
  • To show social consciousness, most of the buildings, despite being summer, maintain a minimum air-con temperature of 28 degrees Celcius in office buildings

Baggage carousel in Haneda Airport. Frankly most of the airports now a days look similar. A Bangalore or a Hyderabad or a New Delhi airport also will look the same. 

Taxis are of different colours and are a bit expensive compared to other Asian cities. Majority of the population commute on Trains.

Harajuku's crowded market:

Outside Harajuku Railway station:

Night shot of road leading to famous Shinjuku market:

While entire world is fond of Japanese famous delicacies Sushi and Sashimi, apparently Okinawan Cuisine, is quite popular with the locals in Japan. Here you see a Sea-weed dish, which was yummy with the sauce.

A special long fish deep fried. Was fabulous with lemon squeezed over it and with a dash of salt before you slip it into your mouth.

Entrance of the Okinawan restaurant, with authentic interiors and exteriors.

A night shot of Tokyo Station under renovation. Though this heritage building's facade looks small and simple, the underground is massive. Almost a mini city with hundreds of commercial establishments thrive below this building. Famous Bullet Train starts from here.

City view from 42nd floor of Gran Tokyo North Tower:

New Tokyo Tower:

 In every lift that I entered I saw this Emergency Box snugly sitting in one corner. As Japan is earth quake prone, it is mandatory to have this box containing emergency survival kit.

As mentioned in my reply to Vasudevan below, I am providing below the pictures of the room I stayed in Tokyo. The room size exceeded my expectations. Actually I have stayed in one third of the size of this room in Paris, London and New York, which is what surprised me.

In the hotel lobby I found this attractive floral decoration.
                                                   All pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 megapixel camera


  1. Nice.. wd have loved to taste that fried fish..!!

  2. wow...what a country! Beautiful pics. The fish looks like our Bombay-Ducks...!! Enjoyed going through the blog.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the fish reminded me of bombay ducks.

  3. Nice post with good captures.

  4. Very informative post and good photos too.

  5. Good Photos and information. I have never been there myself but I am told by some of my friends who have been there that Hotel rooms are indeed small.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. It depends where you stay. In any case, I have included few pictures of the hotel I was staying in the above post. I myself could not believe that the rooms could be that big, hence took pictures of the same.

  6. That was a nice arm-chair tour of Tokyo-thanks.

  7. Thank you for the photoblog. Would surely love to visit Tokyo!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. You should plan your visit. There are a number tourist places worth visiting.

  8. That was really a very good travelogue of Tokyo. And your posts are informative and engaging to the reader.